Test and Tag business, part time hours, great profits, no lease or landlords to worry about



This is a unique lifestyle business for sale that the owner only works on for 7.5 to 10 days a month.

What is it?

‘Testing’ refers to electrical safety testing of portable appliances in both workplaces and homes, to ensure that the device is electrically safe to use. This generally includes a visual check (for damage) and an electrical check (of protective earth and current leakage or insulation resistance).

This testing does not include operational checks (a device can be electrically safe but still not work as required).

‘Tagging’ refers to placing a label on the device and/or its cable with the testing information printed on.

Why do we need it?

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (rev. 2004) states: that if you are an employer, self-employed person, an employee, or any person lending a portable appliance to another person, then you have a duty of care, under common law, and the OH&S Act, to ensure that the equipment/appliance is safe.

This business has been running since 2009, the business has experienced continual growth in revenue. It is currently operating as a single person, 2-3 day a week business, with healthy forecasts for continued growth for the next 3-5 years.

The revenue the business has turned over last financial year was $71,785 and has continuously been growing by an average of 15% per annum. The business enjoys large profits as most expenses are fixed, therefore as the business turnover grows so does its profits as costs are mostly the same year in year out.

Who would benefit from purchasing this business?

– Retirees, wanting to ease slowly into full time retirement by working only a few days a week

– Individuals looking reduce their workload by working part time

– Individuals needing the flexibility of controlling their own working hours

– Individuals that need to be at home for certain hours during the day (ie before and after school), currently ‘on-site’ hours are generally between 9am-3pm.

– Individuals who want to work for themselves but need the security of starting up with a loyal customer base and a ready income.

An existing Test & Tag/Maintenance Business looking to add to their steady cash flow/customer base.

For further information contact Ismar Muratovic on 0404146202 or ismar@absolutebb.com.au

Ref: B12901

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